This means sustainable, humane and good-for the environment

This means sustainable, humane and good-for the environment

The life of a graphic designer in an early-stage startup can look very lonely in many ways. But the opposite may be true. It is just the way you set it up.
First of all, however, I would ask myself the question: "Is the position of Startup Designer really for me"? Within 7 years of working for startups, I have learned a lot.

Here are some tips on capturing a project from scratch and being prepared for the rapidly changing startup ecosystem.

Build a system that behaves naturally to all changes

I called it a system because it is a working list of files or rules you use, but especially by your collaborators.

Analyze the main structure of the system (Brand, Marketing, Product)
I called it a system because it is a working list of files or rules you use, but especially by your collaborators.

Overall overview

The overall overview is the main building block for you, the team, and especially the new designers coming to your project in the future. Pin main sections and points of communication elements for all possible sectors (brand, product marketing, etc.) to how they work and communicate with each other.

Tool selection (do not select tools only by yourself).

Properly selected tools and graphics applications are crucial in the startup's beginnings in terms of the speed of construction of materials for graphics, their changes, and cooperation in the team. Therefore, it is necessary to pay excessive attention to this point and specify with your team all the necessary needs to find the right tools.

When executed to a tee, these campaigns can be a thing of beauty and drive sales through the roof. We want to walk you through some of our favourite ads we have seen in the last few years. This is our list of the 25+ best guerrilla marketing ideas. Maybe these are ads that caused you to buy a product or this is your first time seeing these creative guerrilla marketing campaigns. Either way, we hope you are inspired by these guerrilla marketing ideas.

Below you will find some of the best advertisements of 2017, some ads from 2018 and even older ones that we think are worthy of attention. Check out all the amazing marketing ideas these companies have conceived to sell their products. We will walk you through our favourite marketing campaigns and maybe this article will help kickstart your marketing ideas. Enjoy all the examples we have assembled for your viewing pleasures. We have provided detailed explanations about our 5 favourite examples of guerrilla marketing. Below that you can find 20+ more amazing guerrilla marketing campaigns we felt deserved recognition.

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